* A Clergy MEMBER admitted there were “one or two” hiccups during the service. Speaking outside St Margaret’s Church next to Westminster Abbey, Chelmsford Bishop Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, 56, said: “There were one or two things that didn’t go strictly to plan.” Pressed for details, the bishop said: “I am not going to embarrass anyone in particular.”

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However, it was revealed that the Prince and Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were forced to join the King’s procession through Westminster Abbey as the coronation service suffered “a hiccup or two “. William and Kate were late for the service, but were unable to overtake to get ahead of the King.

* Members of the public were seen running to gather in front of Buckingham Palace to see the royal family on the balcony. The rain was pouring down, but the crowd seemed jubilant as they clamored for a coveted spot in front of the palace.
Jo Faulkner, who had arrived at The Mall at 6am to watch the coronation procession, said: “It’s been wonderful all day. We came here for the jubilee, we came here for the funeral and now we’re here.”

* HEAVY rain drenched the streets of London. Onlookers were amused to see a soldier pausing to scoop rainwater from his tuba as he and his colleagues marched back to Buckingham Palace after the coronation. The tuba had filled with rainwater and was therefore impossible to play.

HeraldScotland: Katy Perry turned heads while attending coronation ceremonyKaty Perry turned heads while attending the coronation ceremony. (Image: Gareth Cattermole/PA Wire)

* American singer Katy Perry appeared to lose her seat and was seen pacing up and down the aisle at Westminster Abbey during the Coronation.
A video shared widely on social media showed the pop star, wearing a bespoke lilac skirt suit by Vivienne Westwood, walking in circles as she peered through the crowd to find her seat. She then stopped in one of the aisles, pointed to a chair and asked other guests for help.
“Katy Perry’s satellite dish doesn’t fit her seat,” one user tweeted, referring to Perry’s large pink headpiece.

* THE PRINCE Louis stole the show, not for the first time, when he appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with his parents and siblings, gesturing wildly at the large crowd as he spoke to his parents, pointing and commenting, “Look there! ”

* STEPHEN Fry, who was one of the guests at the Coronation service, later commented in an interview with the PA news agency: “I think the service was great.
“I mean truly wonderful. The music at first it was just inspiring, so much the real type of hammer-slam classics, the main one I guess has to be Handel’s Zadok The Priest…
“It was very moving and the King looked vulnerable, which all monarchs do when they’re being crowned, they’re being encumbered with all these symbols and all this heavy cloak and this scepter, the orb, the heavy crown, which means that he can barely move.
“And in a weird way, I’m sure not deliberately originally, but it’s kind of symbolic of the encumbrances in life that you have if you’re a monarch, so it’s a very moving ceremony.
“In some ways it feels quite lonely, as the Queen did if you look at the 1953 coronation, but I feel very lucky to have been there.”

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