The former Scottish first minister will insist that almost a decade after the referendum, the arguments that led the majority to vote for the union have been “destroyed”.

Salmond, who formed the pro-independence Alba Party after resigning from the SNP, will make the remarks when he addresses his party’s conference in Inverness on Saturday.

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He will use his keynote address to accuse the UK government, which has repeatedly rejected calls for another independence referendum, of “running scared”.

Herald of Scotland:

Salmond will say: “The Tories have not only destroyed the economy – have ruined their own economic case for the union along with it.”

He will claim that in 2014, pro-UK parties “told us we would be safe in Sterling” but “now Sterling is being kept afloat by sky-high interest rates and every household in Scotland You are paying the price.”

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He will continue: “In 2014 we were told that staying in the UK would mean lower energy bills – a drop of £50. Now every household in Scotland is paying thousands of dollars extra.

“The No campaign in 2014 slipped into the house with a false prospectus. Tory and Labor, the Better Together coalition, swindled Scotland out of independence.

“With support for independence still at a high 48%, Scots must now move forward on an independence agenda and not be misled or misled once again.

“Scotland has the people, the resources and the foundation to be a successful independent country. It’s time for independence.”

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