An American claimed British Chinese takeaway has “no flavour” in a brutal takedown.

British food has become something of a punching bag for online influencers in recent months, and a new TikTok only added fuel to the flames.

TikToker Nicole Brennan, who said she is from New York, posted a video of her trying out a Chinese takeaway in London that has since accumulated over 200,000 likes.

She tried salt and pepper chips with curry sauce, as well as chicken fried rice, chow mein, prawn crackers, and chicken dumplings.

However, she was less than impressed, immediately remarking: “Was not expecting them to taste like that. Where’s the flavour?”

The chicken fried rice was met with particular disdain, with Nicole saying: “Literally tastes like nothing not even a hint of flavour. How is that possible?”

One part of the takeaway did have some flavour, she conceded – but it was only the vinegar served with the dumplings and it “wasn’t a very good flavour”.

Nicole is not the first to go viral as an American criticising British food.

TikToker @lunchpailgin reached nearly a million views for her video slamming British cuisine and declaring it all “terrible.”

She began the TikTok by saying it’s been really popular to attack British food this year – but only added in to the pile-on.

“For all you Brits out there, I did go to Wetherspoons, I did go to Toby’s,” she said.

She added, in a fake British accent, that she even had a “proper Chinese” meal.

“All terrible,” was the conclusion.

She also took aim at Nando’s, saying: “Nando’s is like a mild version of Chipotle‚Ķ it’s not that special.”

However she did say Nando’s was the only thing that she could “consistently” eat while she was there; she said everything else was “a f***ing gamble.”

She had a similarly bad experience with Chinese food, branding it “suicide.”

However, several comments argued she should have tried actual British staples such as fish and chips, or Sunday roast dinner – while others suggested that Wetherspoons was hardly the best choice.

Several pointed out that if the American had been told to check out Wetherspoons, someone was clearly playing a prank on her.

“You’ve been punked, you have been had,” the TikToker @elisheva.abramson said in a response video.

“Spoons and Toby’s are for when you’re violently hungover. Or still drunk,” another viewer said.

While others argued that Americans can’t handle British food because it doesn’t use as many additives as their dishes across the pond.

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