Journalist and TV presenter, Andrew Neil has mocked the UK’s small boat crossing crisis by comparing it to a small Mediterranean island in Italy.

The broadcaster from Scotland has taken to social media to highlight the plight of Lampedusa, one of the Pelagie Islands located less than 150 kilometres from the North African coast.

The island hit the news this week when a newborn baby was found dead on a boat carrying migrants, reported Sky News.

Lampedusa had been engulfed with thousands of migrants, doubling its population with the mayor, Filippo Mannino declaring a state of emergency. He said: “We are drained.”

Andrew Neil used the situation on X (formerly known as Twitter) to take at swipe the UK’s current high-profile issue of small boat crossings.

On Thursday (September 14), Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick exclusively told the Daily Express that Albanian channel migrants “crossing illegally in small boats” are being deported back to Tirana from the UK within 48 hours.

Albanians had crossed the Channel in small boats on September 5 but were removed on September 7.

Jenrick, speaking from Albania, said: “Albanians crossing illegally in small boats are being returned back to Tirana in a matter of days.

“As we’ve done so, we have seen a more than 90 per cent reduction in the number of Albanians arriving illegally, and overall small boat arrivals are down by 20 per cent despite significant increases in illegal arrivals into Europe.

“It shows that swift returns deliver the deterrent effect that is so vitally needed to stop the boats – and it reinforces why delivering on our partnership with Rwanda is critical to securing our borders.”

Andrew Neil isn’t shy to share his views on social media, less than a week ago he took to ask BBC if the corporation ‘cancelled’ singer Róisín Murphy after trans row.

He was demanding clarity from the corporation over reports it had ‘axed’ five hours of content from the Irish singer.

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