The Parkhead manager has reportedly become Tottenham Hotspur’s main target in their search for a permanent successor to Antonio Conte. Backing up last year’s double, Postecoglou has brought Celtic to the brink of a domestic treble and is convinced that is his approach.

He is aware of the speculation emanating from North London, but only, he says, because he keeps getting asked about it. Postecoglou has previously said that he could surprise people by how long he will stay in Glasgow.

“I don’t put deadlines on things,” he said, speaking as he was named the Scotsman. Football Writers Association Manager of the Year. “If other people try it, it’s pure conjecture.

“I start every year and every job I do I do as if I were going to stay here forever. The reality is that I will not be.

“But every decision I make is a decision that I think will be good for this football club or any football club I work for. I am quite proud of the fact that all the clubs I have worked with, even after I left, have been successful.

“Nobody has ever fallen off a cliff just because I’m gone. All the football clubs I left were successful immediately after I left and I would like to think that what I have started is long lasting.

“From my perspective, I don’t put time lines on how long I’m in a football club. I just treat each year as a separate year and an opportunity to build.”

Postecoglou was asked directly if Tottenham’s noise crosses his radar.

“It’s not like that because people hopefully know me well enough by now and I’ve never thought about anything other than being present where I am,” he replied.

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That’s the only way I know of to work. I have never charted a course for my career. There’s no chance you can connect the dots that brought me from Melbourne to Glasgow.

“It’s not something you can do, ‘in two or three years I want to be there.’ All I have done is do the job to the best of my ability, succeed, and continue to do so until circumstances change.

“For me, right now we have a big game on Saturday. It is an important and special day when we receive the trophy. Then we have the cup final. It’s a great week ahead.”

Receiving the SFWA award secured a hat-trick for the Celtic boss after being named PFA Scotland and Premiership Manager of the Year.

“I am very pleased with the whole thing,” Postecoglou said. “It is a great recognition.

“We became champions, but it was also about the way we played. I think that’s been appreciated by everyone, whether they follow us or not.

“We have accepted the challenge to win it again and I am proud of that. It is an award that represents the staff and everyone who contributed to it.”

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