opening night at dodger stadium It was exciting, but the action wasn’t strictly limited to the game of baseball.

Although the Los Angeles Dodgers outscored the Arizona Diamondbacks 8-2, the most talked-about event of the night occurred when what was to be a life-changing romantic gesture turned into something more akin to a football play.

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At one point in the game, Dodgers fan Ricardo Juárez came up with the idea of ​​running onto the field of play, pulling out a ring, and proposing to his girlfriend who was sitting in the crowd.

But before he could get an answer, a security guard charged out and pounced on Juárez in a bone-breaking tackle.

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Video captured on phones around the stadium shows security personnel running at full speed towards Juárez, who was already down to one knee, before knocking him to the ground. Two other security guards also appear who pounce on Juárez, before handcuffing him and dragging him away.

Juárez’s girlfriend, Ramona Saavedra, later revealed on Instagram that She said yesbut that it took her several hours to meet her now fiancé, who was facing the consequences of her romantic, but illegal gesture.

“Okay best proposal ever,” he wrote on Instagram, “I love you and yes I will marry you.”

Saavedra said Juárez was taken to jail and released a few hours later. There has been no word on whether he will be allowed to return to Dodger Stadium in the future.

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The newly engaged couple posed for a photo after the dust settled, showing off Saavedra’s shiny new sparkler.

Ramona Saavedra and Ricardo Juárez meet again after he was escorted off the field.

Instagram / Ramona Saavedra

Of course, the Internet has had a field day with images.

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As any good professional sports fan knows, trying to get onto the field at any stadium is a big no-no, so chances are you were hoping to be escorted out. However, he probably didn’t see that harsh approach in his future. The things we do for love!

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