A brewery changed the name of an award-winning beer after customer complaints that it was racist. Moon Gazer White Face beer it has been sold in pubs across the country for the last three years.

The company has received calls from bar owners in recent months, complaining that customers have complained about the name.

Cheeky Jack, a play on the American name for a hare, a Jack Rabbit, will be the new name for the American-style IPA.

The names of all of the company’s beers are inspired by ties to hares, such as Nibbler and Jumper.

White Face originates from a centuries-old poem titled The Names of the Hare.

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The telegraph informs David Halliday, the brewery owner, said: “We’ve realized that the name White Face just wasn’t entirely comfortable with some people.

“Especially with those unfamiliar with our broader ties to hares.

“Some people did not know the connection between the name of the hare and the white mountain hare.

“And unfortunately, in some cases, giving rise to the feeling that there was an undercurrent of racism.

“This is, of course, a complete misunderstanding, but the fact that he created that impression was a genuine concern for us.

“There was never any intention to offend anyone.”

He continued: “To add to this, Mrs Moon Gazer and I were recently sitting in a pub beer garden and overheard a man showing his pint to his beer buddy and proclaiming: ‘Now this beer is totally exuberant”.

“There was a brief pause before he continued: ‘Although the name is a bit racist.’

“Beer should do one simple thing: bring pleasure, so if the beer, or more accurately its name, strayed away from that, however small, for us, it was time for a change.”

Some customers were outraged when the brewery in Hindringham, Norfolk, changed the name on its website.

Jacquelyn Allsop said: “Ridiculous. Sad if people only have to worry about this in their lives.”

Michael Taylor agreed, saying, “Then I won’t be buying any more of that.”

But the change didn’t get an entirely negative response, with Pete Mitchell saying, “Oh no. People will have to make a slightly different sound when ordering a beer.”

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