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Year 6 students took their Sas tests on May 10 (Image: GETTY-STOCK)

According to Cheshire Primary School Principal Kerry Forrester, some of the Year 6 pupils who took this year’s Sas reading test were left “tearful”. The test, taken by thousands of 10- and 11-year-olds across the country on May 10, included 38 questions based on three passages from a 12-page reading booklet. Children taking the test were expected to understand words such as “thieves” and “critical points.”

The first text chosen for this exam was an excerpt from a story about friends who believe they have come across sheep “catchers,” while the second was based on a 2016 New York Times article. The third text was taken from a book called The Rise of Wolves.

Many parents criticize test managers for doing so. “too difficult for children” with this year’s test.

The National Association of Directors apparently supported the complaints, saying some of its staff had difficulty “understanding the questions.”

But the Department for Education (DfE) said the Sats were “rigorously tested”, adding that they are important in identifying learners’ strengths and weaknesses.

While Schools Minister Nick Gibb said he would look into the concerns raised, Testing and Standards Agency chief executive Gillian Hillier said the tests were “mapped to the Key Stage 2 curriculum” and were ” appropriate and fair.”

Can you guess the correct answers to this year’s Sats? Express.co.uk have selected some of the quiz questions for you to try. Answers and marks can be found at the bottom of the article.

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Some children reportedly cried at this year’s Sats. (Image: GETTY-STOCK)


1) From the first text: “Then he hit her.” What is”? (1 point)

relevant extract: Priya woke up with a start, her heart beating fast. Something had disturbed her but she wasn’t sure what… Then he hit her. Thieves! They had to be. It couldn’t possibly be Mr. Jones. Why would he have two vehicles? Why would he park there with the lights off? She knew that she was right.

2) From the first text: What does this tell you about how Priya got into the store? Choose one of the options below. (1 point)

relevant extract: “She squirmed inside the store…”

  1. She quickly ran inside
  2. She jumped through the flap
  3. she had to get in
  4. she slipped silently

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3) From the second text: In which American state is the Avenida Congreso Bridge located? (1 point)

relevant extract: By day, the Congress Avenue Bridge in the city of Austin could hardly look more normal: a dreary, gray highway bridge in the center of town. At night, it hosts one of the most amazing shows that nature has to offer. The underside of the bridge is home to over a million bats, and every summer afternoon they swarm all at once, soaring into the city sky like a tornado before scattering in all directions like plumes of smoke. . Standing on the bridge, you can even feel the wind from their wings as they pass by. Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas, but it is also the bat capital of North America. The bats under the bridge attract thousands of visitors each year, and every August lovers hold Bat Fest on the bridge in their honor.

4) From the second text: the interviewer and Harriet describe the bridge as an access point. What does the word access point mean when the interviewer uses it in his question? What does the word access point mean when Harriet uses it in her answer? (2 points)

relevant extract: Interviewer Question: “This ordinary bridge is popular with bats. What makes it such an important access point?”

Harriet’s response: “Actually, it’s quite appropriate that you call it a ‘hotspot’. The gaps under the bridge are a perfect place for mother bats to raise their young. Baby bats are born hairless and have only a few months to develop before traveling south.in the fall.They need somewhere warm and safe, and the spaces under the bridge are just wide enough to trap the heat nicely.These bat pups need to spend their energy growing, not maintaining themselves hot.

“Texas in general is a paradise for bats because of all its tasty insects. A mother bat goes out hunting every night and consumes about two-thirds of her body weight in insects each night to satisfy her need for energy. The frenzy of feeding can last all night.

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The test included 38 questions. (Image: GETTY-STOCK)

5) From the second text: Look at Harriet’s answer provided above. Find and copy a word that is closest in meaning to “eat.” (1 point)

6) From the second text: Look at Harriet’s answer below to the question: What benefits could bats bring to humans? How can you know that Harriet thinks that insects are pests? Write in two ways. (2 points)

relevant extract: “Humans spend a lot of time fighting insects. Who hasn’t been tormented by mosquitoes or wasps? And farmers have to spend millions of dollars every year buying chemicals, some of which are quite harmful to the environment, to stop hungry insects from eating their crops. A group of bats like the ones under this bridge will eat about ten tons of insects every night. That’s about the weight of two normal-sized elephants. Therefore, we must see the bats as allies, not enemies. Some farmers are already doing this by installing bat boxes in their fields and encouraging bats to live there.”

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Thousands of children took the Sas test this year (Image: GETTY-STOCK)

7) From the third text: After Innis heard the wolf howl for the first time, he “moved on.” What does “pressed” mean in the text? (1 point)

relevant extract: The howl pierced the darkening sky and brought Innis Munro to a halt. She lowered her hood and listened intently. The only sound was her heart beating. She was a wolf, she thought. But it could not be. There were no wolves on the Isle of Nin, there were no wolves in Scotland anymore, not for nearly three hundred years. It was just a trick of the wind. She kept going, but kept her hood down. The early March afternoon light was fading fast, she was snowing, and she was still a good half mile from her house.

8) From the third text: Innis heard a wolf howl several times. How can you know that the wolf was moving all the time? (1 point)

relevant extract: Innis put a hand to her mouth and returned the best horror movie wolf howl she could muster. There was an immediate response, but this time from further away, in the distance of the mountain. And then another howl, much closer, a sound no boy could make.


1) Award 1 point for reference to any of the following:

  1. Priya’s realization that they were thieves;
  2. Priya’s understanding of the situation;
  3. Just the realization of Priya.

Do not accept: (the/some) rustlers.

2) Award 1 point if given the answer: She had to get in.

3) Award 1 point for reference to Texas. Do not accept references to both Austin and Texas without stating that Texas is the state, eg Austin, Texas.

4) Award 1 point for reference to any of the following:

  1. Reference to the fact that the bridge is popular (with bats);
  2. Reference to the crowded bridge (with bats);

Do not accept the reference to the bridge being a popular tourist attraction.

5) Award 1 point for:

  1. Consume;
  2. Feeding.

6) Award 1 point for reference to any of the following, up to a maximum of 2 points:

  1. The negative effects (of insects) on agriculture;
  2. Insects that bother people;
  3. People who have to fight insects;
  4. Harriet being positive about the insects being eaten.

Also accept the reference to biting or stinging. Don’t accept references to Harriet’s negativity without giving specific examples.

7) Award 1 point for reference to:

  1. Persistent;
  2. Continuous.

Do not accept the reference to haste.

8) Award 1 point for reference to any of the following:

  1. The howl of the wolf being closer/farther from Innis;
  2. The changing volume of the sound;
  3. The howl of the wolf comes from different places (without reference to distance).

Don’t accept the reference to sound alone.

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