A young woman who was mutilated while walking a package of dogs It is believed that she was killed by her own pet. Dog walker Natasha Johnston, 28, suffered catastrophic injuries from “multiple penetrating dog bites” and her jugular vein was punctured in a fatal incident on Gravelly Hill, near Caterham, Surrey, on January 12.

Armed officers and a police helicopter rushed to the area after receiving reports of a dog attack.

Witnesses claimed at the time that the pets the woman was paid to walk turned “like wolves.”

Eight dogs were seized from the beauty spot, but only Ms Johnston’s pet, believed to be an American Bully XL breed, was destroyed by police. Sun reclaimed.

Surrey Police continue to hold five other dogs after a forensic veterinary report was carried out.

Two impounded Dachshunds were returned to their owners last month, the force also said.

A Surrey Police spokesperson said: “We have now received a forensic veterinary report and this has been shared with the Surrey coroner.

“As a result of this, two dogs, both Dachshunds, were returned to their owner at the end of April and one dog, belonging to the deceased, was put to sleep.

“The other five dogs remain in private kennels and we are speaking with their owners about the report’s recommendations.”

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The spokesperson added: “Other than the update on the status of the seized dogs, we have no further comment or update on this investigation as it has now passed to the coroner’s office and will be covered as part of the inquest.”

The full inquest will be heard in June at Woking Coroner’s Court. No criminal charges were filed before the hearing.

Mrs Johnston, from Croydon, south London, died at the scene around 3pm

A local claimed shortly after the incident that the victim had yelled at passersby to “back off” when the dogs’ mood changed.

Another woman was involved in the incident and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening bite injuries.

A few days after her death, Mrs. Johnston’s family shared her grief and grief.

A family statement shared via Surrey Police said: “This is an extremely difficult time for us and in addition to dealing with this sudden loss to our family, the significant level of media interest and the graphic nature of some of the reports has been a source of additional distress.

“We continue to appeal for our privacy to be respected during our time of mourning.”

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