A family was left heartbroken after a fire swept through their home and killed their dog. The family of 38-year-old Poppy Edwards are now in temporary accommodation after a fire possibly caused by a faulty toaster ruined the kitchen in their rented property in Penrhyn Bay, Wales on Monday.

Mr. Edwards and his partner Eddie, 40, were not home when the fire started. live north wales informed.

The fire started when they were outside the property and their children were at school, but the fire still sadly claimed the life of their beloved seven-month-old dog Lola, a Cane Corso.

Eddie explained that Lola was the “little baby” of the family and was like “one of the kids”.

In tribute to her dog, Poppy said that they would gladly lose their possessions if Lola had survived the fire.

She said: “The guilt of knowing I was home alone will haunt me for as long as I live. We will never forget you little girl, a little piece of my heart died with you.”

Three teams from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service from Llandudno and Colwyn Bay attended the fire on Monday from 12:07pm

Major damage was done in the kitchen and there was heat damage in the rest.

A spokesperson said it was likely due to a faulty appliance.

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Heartbroken by the incident, Mr Edwards added: “Our beautiful baby Lola. From the first moment we laid eyes on her, we knew she would be special. Our little little horse.

“She stole our hearts and was loved so deeply by all. I simply cannot put into words the devastation and horror we felt. It is such an unbearable loss and the pain is all consuming.”

He added: “The landlady has done her best and helped us. She’s been great.”

A grateful Eddie thanked a postman for spotting the fire.

Eddie said, “Fair play, the postman saw it first. He ran around the back and banged on the window in case someone was inside. He didn’t know about the dog.”

“It would have been too dangerous to go in anyway because the fire was so intense. I have a partner who saw the smoke from the Great Orme.

“I got a phone call from the police saying, ‘You have to go home. There’s a ‘small fire.’ They don’t want to scare you.”

They rushed back, but the flames had already done a lot of damage. He said: “The firefighters asked me what was in the corner of the kitchen and I said the only thing was the toaster.

“We had only used it about four times and hadn’t used it for two weeks before the fire. It was plugged in but it’s not like it was being hit.”

Added Eddie: “It’s scary. You don’t expect it. I went to the supermarket to warn them about it. I would tell people, ‘Be careful. The next family might not be so lucky.'”

“Now I make sure everything is turned off.”

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