A German Shepherd left in agony after a collision and then cruelly abandoned now seeks a loving new home after having his leg amputated.

Bunny the German Shepherd was found in obvious pain by passing cyclists after she was thrown.

Heartbreaking CCTV footage shows the moment she was tied up outside the gates of the RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Center in Somerset.

The footage, taken on Easter Sunday, appears to show a car pulling up in front of the gate before one occupant of the vehicle places a blanket for Bunny and another gets out with her.

The five-year-old dog was later found to have an open fracture in her paw and a dislocation, which meant she needed to have her paw amputated.

RSPCA staff believe that she may have sustained the injuries from being involved in a collision shortly before she was abandoned.

Despite being in significant pain when she was brought into the care of the center’s staff, the sweet girl remained optimistic as she was taken to a vet for desperately needed treatment.

Katy Darelli, Animal Center Manager at the branch, said: “Our beautiful bunny is doing great. She still has a little way to go, but it’s going from strength to strength and soon she’ll be ready to find a loving new home.

“Of course, he is receiving a lot of love and affection from our staff as he recovers from his operation and other injuries.

“Once sedated and X-rayed, the planned surgery had to change as further investigation showed she also had significant hip dysplasia, which is common in German Shepherds.

“His broken leg’s hip was further affected by this, so the decision was made to amputate the broken leg, as that hip would not have been able to cope with the limited mobility of the leg once the repair was complete. “.

Last week, the cyclists who discovered Bunny tied to the gates met her and she enjoyed giving them attention.

Bunny is available for rehoming starting this weekend. Details are available on the RSPCA North Somerset Branch website.

Center staff are also raising funds for his care. You can find out how to donate via the animal charity’s Facebook page. here.

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