Building on the success of the current venue, SWG3, in association with Stallan-Brand, has proposed a “hotel for music lovers” that will redevelop currently vacant land and bring a “unique hub” to the west end of the city.

The hotel’s plans focus on boosting the area’s growing hospitality, tourism and cultural sector and improving business opportunities for local entrepreneurs while remaining sustainable.

HeraldScotland: hotel site locationHotel site location (Image: SWG3)

If approved, the 139-room hotel is expected to open in late 2026 and will feature two restaurants, two bars, co-working spaces, a gym and movement studio, and a rooftop terrace.

Founded by Andrew Fleming-Brown and Andrew Mickel, SWG3 has been transformed from a group of derelict buildings into one of Scotland’s top cultural destinations, hosting a variety of concerts, outdoor festivals and creative events.

The hotel is the next step, with the project team consisting of hotelier Bruce Robertson, who brings more than 25 years of international experience in the design, development and operation of lifestyle hotels and private clubs for members.

HeraldScotland: hotel site locationhotel site location (Image: SWG3)

Andrew Mickel, Director of SWG3, said: “Our vision for the SWG3 hotel is to offer a welcoming new space for all creative souls to stay.

“A unique new location to foster art, music and creative magic wrapped in cutting-edge design.

“Since the transformation of the Galvanizers Yard and disused warehouses into one of the most talked about in the country letters places, the SWG3 team has continued to invest heavily in the community, and this project will be no different.

“We hope to not only generate economic growth for Clydeside, Yorkhill and Glasgow as a whole, but also show that good business can be sustainable and socially conscious, as well as just plain fun.”

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Paul Stallan, Creative Director of Stallan-Brand, continued: “Our goal is to offer a hotel like no other.

“SWG3 Cultural Venue defies categorization, it is a cultural scholar and phenomenon.

“From performances, live music and theater to major visual arts events, SWG3 has become Scotland’s favorite destination.

“Whether it’s the Scottish Opera or a Comme des Garçons guerilla shop, to the Prime Minister learning the art of graffiti, the location has drawn praise from industry and sector for its entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

“To accelerate this unique offering that unites art, fashion and music, we aim to deliver a hotel experience that is more Glasgow than Glasgow.”

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