Pictures online have revealed a creepy millionaire’s mansion he abandoned in the dead of night. Images taken from Google Maps show the vast desert property in Hertfordshire, just north of London. A once luxurious Bentley now rusting was seen in the driveway, while the stunning garden looked more like a jungle.

As striking as the exterior was, it didn’t compare to the spooky interior of the mammoth property discovered by an urban explorer in 2020.

The owner clearly had a reason for running off in a hurry, clean dishes piled high in the dishwasher.

Inside were unfinished pool and chess sets, and the kitchen ceiling had collapsed.

High-end clothing was left hanging in closets, which it turned out belonged to the owner, Athanasios Tachmintzis, a 70-year-old Greek millionaire.

The real estate mogul bought the house in 1999 for his large family, living there for nearly 20 years as a recluse with his two daughters and at least one son.

Sadly, Athanasios’ wife, Sharon, died in 2004 of cancer at the age of 52. They had been married for 32 years.

The house was hastily abandoned in 2016, but there are no clues as to what happened.

Images discovered by the daily star online It shows a large number of disused vehicles sitting outside the abandoned house.

Villagers who lived near the family said Athanasios, better known as Thanos, was obsessed with security and once had guards at the gates.

He also had three Dobermans on the grounds to guard his property.

Details of the house on the Zoopla property website list it as having eight bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as a whopping four reception rooms.

It is unknown how much the house is worth and much mystery surrounds Thanos’ business affairs.

In Companies House records, he was labeled as a British property consultant when he was a director of a property company between 1991 and 1995.

He was also a director of a company called Imperial Estates London Ltd, which listed him as a sole shareholder in June 2017. But the company never submitted its accounts and was removed from Companies House in August 2019.

Thanos’ son, Athanasios, ran his Mirai Industek Ltd business on the property, according to Companies House.

It was incorporated in January 2014, but dissolved in April 2019.

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