Met officials have shared a heartwarming photo showing a police horse attacked by an American Bully is still a “dog lover” as it is shown befriending a Labrador Retriever. Urbane the horse can be seen tilting his head down from a stable door towards his canine friend with an officer nearby in the beautiful snapshot posted to Twitter.

Last month, things were very different for the highly-trained horse from the Met Police Taskforce when he was viciously attacked by an out-of-control dog in Victoria Park, east London.

The horrifying viral footage showed Urbane trying to fight off the canine with kicks as it relentlessly bit into his legs and sides.

Incredibly, despite the dog clamping its jaws around his leg at one point, Urbane kept his rider mounted and both displayed extraordinary calm as the officers yelled at the owner to put the animal on a leash.

During hard-to-watch video, police officers could be heard yelling “now” and “get the dog” as they urged the owner and brave members of the public to intervene.

Police later share graphic images of bite marks and bloody wounds sustained by Urbane, who was photographed with the queen consort during a royal visit in 2019.

Now that he has recovered, Urbane appears to hold no grudge against the dogs for the attack and the Met confirmed that he is making a good recovery and was looking forward to saying hello to the equine dentist’s dog during a visit this week.

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Posting a sweet photo on Twitter of Urbane peering out of a barn at the black Lab, officers wrote: “PH Urbane has always been a dog lover and continues to recover very well.

“Despite his recent experience, he was still desperate to say hello to our equine dentist’s dog today. Thanks for all the continued questions and well wishes regarding him!”

Police previously confirmed that Urbane had been taken off duty while he recovered.

The dog involved in the attack had since been taken to police kennels, they added.

The American Bully’s owner, revealed to be a woman named Coco, later claimed the animal was acting in “self-defense” as he insisted as a dog owner that he had “done nothing wrong.”

Hakan Niyazi, 24, appeared to stand by and do nothing during the incident, but said Coco had only lashed out at Urbane for “feeling threatened”.

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