Residents were left in horror as it appeared to “rain maggots” as dozens of the creatures appeared on their doors, driveways, and even the street, seemingly out of nowhere.

Taking to social media, locals in Lancashire, spoke of their horror after finding the creatures, that are the larvae of flies and often appear in rotting food and other decaying matter, reports LancsLive. On Monday, September 11, residents in Blackpool, Bispham and Lytham St Annes asked if anyone noticed it was “raining maggots” after the heatwave.

Coral Bolton found some in her home in Blackpool as they seemingly appeared out of nowhere. She said: “I found some crawling up my back door and on the window even though my bin is nowhere near the back of the house.”

She says she noticed the creatures on the backdoor inside her home. Coral quickly went on to social media to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing.

Knowing they hadn’t come from her own bin, she left them and was relieved to find that they had disappeared by the morning. Maggots thrive in hotter temperatures as well as in places such as household bins, where there can be food waste.

It means it is important to double-check and clean your bins regularly. Maggots also require somewhere moist in order to thrive, which is why many people may have noticed them in wetter places such as their gardens and particularly outside.

Jamie Louise Didlock from Fleetwood returned with her daughter from a dog walk in the evening and let her dogs out of the back door in her home when she noticed the maggots. She said: “There were maggots crawling up the window doors.

“I started googling about why maggots would be there as my bins aren’t even close to my door. I checked near my bins and there were none. Really weird!”

Tracey-May Clarke from Bispham said her bin was full of them on Monday evening when everyone else noticed the swarm. She added: “Our bin is full of them, although all our bin bags are tied up, there is poop bags in there, and discarded dog food.

“The smell of the bin is awful, never like that normally. So I’m presuming the moisture and then heat is making it a perfect breeding ground!”

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