The SNP leader attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, which was watched on television by as many as 20 million people.

Yousaf has made it clear in the past that she believes that an independent future Scotland should dispense with the monarchy, saying “I think we should be citizens first, not subjects.”

After the coronation, the Prime Minister shared his belief that both the republicans and the royalists would expect the cost to be kept to a minimum given the situation in the country.

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“I’ve made it quite clear that I expect costs to be kept to a minimum,” the prime minister told the PA news agency during a visit to a community pantry in Dundee.

“I think most of the people watching, whether they are republicans or royalists, would want the costs to be kept to a minimum.”

He added: “Yes, I think a number of people will have been uncomfortable with the costs involved.”

Asked if he was one of those people who disagreed with the cost, estimated at around £100m, the prime minister refused to be elected, repeating his claim that he had said he hoped “everything would be done.” everything possible to keep costs down. to the minimum”.

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