A former ISIS bride claims she knows where the death cult has hidden more than “£20 million in gold” in the Syrian desert.

The woman, who has not been identified for her own safety, was once married to two men, both high-ranking terrorists in the Islamic State.

Now in a series of messages to filmmaker Andrew Drury the imprisoned former member of ISIS, who has since renounced the organisation, claims she could lead investigators to the gold.

The mother-of-one’s claims echo those made by a relative of killed terror boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019.

After Baghdadi was killed in allied airstrikes, a cousin of the ISIS kingpin by marriage, Mohammed Ali Sajet, told Al-Ararabiya news that he and other leaders would burry millions of pounds worth of looted dollars, gold and silver in the desert.

ISIS were largely destroyed in 2019 by a Kurdish, Iraqi and Western allies offensive, but the terror network has experienced a resurgence in recent months and has been trying to free thousands of fighters being held prisoner in Syria.

It’s feared any stashes of money the group has could be used to help fund new atrocities.

Journalist Andrew Drury, author of the book Trip Hazard, said he believed his source in the camp may know where some of the ISIS millions are hidden.

Andrew said the former ISIS bride was well-known in Islamic State circles because she didn’t come from US or Europe like many of the other convert women.

He said acquaintances of the woman during her time with the group including the ‘Beatles’, a group of ISIS killers who murdered hostages named after the pop band by US forces because of their British accents.

He said: “She was mixing with the likes of the Beatles and the hierarchy of ISIS, she was married to at least two high ranking fighters during the war.

“ISIS looted everywhere they went so it makes sense they could have taken gold and money and stashed it in the desert when things started going wrong for them.

“The last message I had from her was telling me ‘I want to tell someone about the gold hidden by ISIS in Syria’. She says she knows where it is, but she feels no one is listening to her.”

Andrew added that his source was concerned many converts to ISIS were now being allowed to leave the camp in Syria and return to their Western countries because they were “lying” about what they had done.

He said: “She believes she is being punished because she is trying to tell the truth about what happened under ISIS, but the other girls are lying and being sent home.

“My source has told me ‘a lot of dangerous women’ as she puts it, ‘who did really bad things’, are being accepted back by various governments because they are not telling the truth.”

Andrew famously produced a series of interviews with British ISIS bride Shamima Begum in 2021 and 2022 after he travelled to Syria six times to visit her and other prisoners.

Begum lost an appeal to win back her British citizenship earlier this year, despite starring in a later podcast and documentary screened by the BBC.

He added: “My source says Shamima has become a recluse now, she doesn’t want to speak to anyone anymore.”

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