ITV News viewers reacted in shock on Thursday (May 25) after it was revealed that the show’s studio setup is not all it seems.

From home, the broadcast seems to be presented from a luxurious setting with bright lights and laminate floors in front of a newsroom that is abuzz with activity.

However, a Twitter user has debunked that idea by sharing contrasting images of illusion and reality.

One photo showed a typical television view of the studio, with host Mary Nightingale and her former co-host Mark Austin sitting at their massive desk.

A second, however, he sees the pair sitting at the same desk, with nothing but a green screen in view.

It caused a shocked fan to respond, “STOP IT WHAT?! I thought it was a full set, not a green screen.”

Similarly, another exclaimed: “Don’t you stop, are you kidding? Please tell me you’re serious?”

A disappointed third commented: “Watching green screens always gets me down, and I feel sad for the talent that has to work on them.”

And a fourth noted, “Wow! Awesome. Plus: no cleanup required.”

However, ITV is not the only major broadcaster to use a green screen, as BBC viewers discovered by accident in 2020.

At the time, Dan Walker and Sam Quek were hosting the Olympic Breakfast, providing the latest coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The installment saw vaulter Tom Daley win a bronze medal for his solo vault in the men’s platform final. They also showed coverage of the men’s track race. However, when they cut to the BBC studio, the broadcaster appeared to suffer from a glitch as viewers could see the green screen behind the presenters, instead of the background of Tokyo.

During the segment, Dan and Sam welcomed British racing driver Chris Hoy to the show to discuss the latest sports coverage.

However, as their guest took a seat, the background changed, and viewers were able to see the green screen behind them.

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