A woman who had her nails done regularly for many years claims that she can hardly use her hands now. Lisa Dewey was worried about losing a finger because she, after getting a manicure, developed an apparent allergy. Lisa initially believed that she had a bacterial infection as a result of the swelling and separation of her gel nails from the nail bed.

But then one of her fingers turned purple, while the others grew painfully itchy.

To treat the problem, he was given an antibiotic and steroid cream. Lisa, however, was in agony again after she had acrylic nails applied last month.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “I’ve had my nails done all my life with acrylics or gels. When it first happened after a set of gels in February I thought it was a bacterial infection.”

“My nail bed even started to turn purple and I was worried I would lose my whole finger. When I recently had them done again, this time with acrylics, the same thing happened.”

“Now my skin is like paper torn from my fingers and I can barely move my hands from the pain.”

The NHS cleaner in Northamptonshire says the woman is having trouble performing basic tasks including washing her daughter’s hair, fastening her seatbelt, handling a pen and doing the dishes.

Lisa had no problem getting her nails done for many years, but she can no longer get gel or acrylic nails because she thinks she is allergic to them.

The problem came up unexpectedly, and Lisa, a mother of two girls, ages 12 and 3, said she was worried about losing a finger when her nail turned purple.

Lisa said that the problem arose suddenly and that she was afraid of losing a finger when her nail turned purple.

She said: “I was afraid he was going to be starved of oxygen, but it ended up being something else entirely.”

“Washing my daughter’s hair is difficult because you have to bend your fingers.

“Even tying her up in the car, if I catch my finger in the belt, I shake myself off the pain because the skin is raw.”

She added: “”It aggravates a lot, but wearing gloves doesn’t even help because sweaty hands aggravate it too.

“Anything scented or perfumed makes it worse. I can’t put a conditioning treatment or mousse on my hair.”

Lisa continued, “This has taken a toll on my confidence; normally I don’t care what people think of me, but now I hide my hands.

“It’s embarrassing to have hands like that.”

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