Just Stop Oil (JSO) is in a financial mire and is now asking the public to crowdfund £300,000 to “keep the show on the road”.

Private messages sent to JSO activists, seen by Express.co.uk, asked them to start asking for donations to keep their disruptive operation going.

During the plea to get money into their coffers, a ringleader posted a link to a crowdfunding page and wrote: “… we need your help. We need to get some more cash in the bank so we can continue resistance…”

The plea went on: “Send it to your mothers, brothers, aunties, uncles, friends, old flings, ex-lovers, send it to your postman, send it to Rihanna.”

This comes after the eco-warriors’ donor-in-chief Dale Vince decided to pull his funding last month.

The green industrialist and Forest Green Rovers chairman raised around £340,000 for the climate campaigners in May this year, after pledging to match donations for a 48-hour period.

Previously he claimed that his donations to JSO alone was in the “hundreds of thousands”.

However, in October the Ecotricity founder decided to pull his funding instead saying he was focusing on spending his money trying to get the Conservatives out of power.

Writing in the Guardian, he said: “The next general election is the most important of our lifetimes.

“And so today I announced a change of direction: I am no longer going to fund Just Stop Oil. Under the current government, protest cannot work. I would go so far as to say that anything that could feed the Tories’ culture-war narrative is counter-productive.

“The dividing lines have been drawn: Labour is green, the Tories are not. A vote for anyone other than Labour, or no vote at all, is a vote for another Tory government – this time with a mandate to pursue its anti-green crusade. Preventing that from happening is the only way to ‘just stop oil’.”

The official Just Stop Oil crowdfunder aims to raise £300,000, close to the figure raised by Mr Vince in May. So far just over £4,000 has been raised, with two months left on the crowdfunding page.

Begging the same members of the public that they’ve inconvenienced to give them money, the group said: “We need to raise £300,000 to keep the show on the road.”

JSO added that the money raised would go towards “Supporting people with living costs to enable them to organise the campaign.”

“Venue hire for talks and training to enable us to give people the facts and give them the skills to take nonviolent action.

“Legal, back office and court support for people taking action.”

In a conversation between our undercover reporter and a senior activist going by the name of “Rhubarb”, the JSO activist said: “Basically we’ll have some funding for people to take on kind of… paid agreements.

“So we are going to have some funding available for that fairly soon really. If you’re thinking this is really good, then just keep in mind that that’s also an option.

“It would be nice to sort of volunteer full time.”

It is unclear how many “paid agreements” will be financed via crowdfunder donations.

Just Stop Oil has been approached for comment.

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