Just Stop Oil (JSO) disrupted the Chelsea Flower Show in another protest statement that angered attendees at the iconic festival. Three members of the eco-mafia climbed the rope that cordoned off a series of spectacular plants, before throwing orange dust into the air, much to the dismay of those onlookers.

In the video footage, a man can be heard calling weather fans “assholes”, while a woman can be heard yelling for security to intervene.

One of the protesters yelled, throwing the orange powder onto plant life: “Humanity is failing. Everything you hold dear is at risk: the flower gardens you love, the works of art you treasure, the buildings you cherish, our traditions

“What good is a garden if you can’t eat? What good is a garden if you can’t eat? What good is tradition if society is collapsing around you?”

Another protester, standing on a platform, chimed in: “Our government wants more oil and gas, this is a death sentence for the world’s poorest communities.”

“This is genocide. This is a war against the youth.”

An enraged member of the public grabbed a hose to try and spray the organic nuts to try and force them to leave.

JSO is currently running a two-month wave of action, in which activists have ‘slow marched’ through the streets of London, detaining travellers.

The climate group posted a video of the incident on Twitter, captioned: “What good is a garden if you can’t grow food? Millions starve in the Global South as our government ignores the climate crisis, choosing to license 100 new projects.” of oil and gas”.

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