He LSU The women’s basketball team plans to visit the White House after winning the 2023 national championship, confirmed to Michael Bonnette, a spokesman for the school. he Associated Press Thursday.

The announcement comes after a tumultuous week between the Tigers and the White House, which began afterLSU beat Iowa 102–85 on Sunday. After the game, First Lady Jill Biden appeared to extend an invitation to both teams, although it is tradition for her to only visit the championship-winning team.

The White House later clarified that only the Tigers were invited. Besides, President Joe Biden tweeted that only the two champions, LSUand the winner of the UConn men’s title, would be welcome at the White House for a visit.

LSU star Angel Reese made it clear during the brainstorming that she did not appreciate the First Lady’s comment, first calling it “a joke” before saying later she did not “accept his apology”. Reese even noticed her appearance in the IM an athlete podcast that he would rather visit the Obamas instead.

“I only know that if the roles were reversed, it would not be the same. If we lost, they wouldn’t invite us to the White House,” Reese said. And I remember, she made a comment that both teams should be invited because it was [about] sportsmanship. I was like, ‘Are you saying that because of what I did?’ Things like that annoy me.”

Despite Reese’s comments, it looks like LSU will be visiting the White House after all. The exact date of the visit is unknown at this time.

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