A man who has been forced to live in a moldy and leaky apartment for over a year is furious after the landlord responded by sending him a kit to fix it himself. Zbigniew Malon, 41, who lives in Baildon, Yorkshire, moved into his new apartment with Accent Housing in December 2021, but says his “frustration grows every day” after being forced to live in a flat with covered walls. mold and a leaky bathroom.

Malon said that when he asked the owner to fix the growing mold problem again earlier this year, they only sent him a do-it-yourself kit.

Their request followed months of asking for the problem to be fixed.

Zbigniew said yorkshirelive: “They offered me an apartment in Baildon, but they told me there was a leak in the bathroom and I would have to wait two or three months to move because they were fixing the problem. But they just replaced the plasterboard.

“I moved here in December 2021 and after two months the leak started to come back, the wall was black. I reported it right away because water was coming in through the electric light sockets. They pulled the sockets out and said they would fix it but still they have not done it.

“Accent Housing keeps telling me that because the leak is behind the wall, the problem is the building manager – the name of the company that owns the building is Watsons.

“In the last 18 months I have reported the leak, bad leaks, even water on the floor and to this day they do nothing but change the sheetrock.”

Malon said she has been in a constant fight to get her house in a livable state for 18 months.

He said he has been repeatedly told to contact building management company Watsons, but added they were not addressing the issue.

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He added: “Watsons came to my apartment a few times, the last time was about three weeks ago, the guy said they’d fix it from the top of the building to the bottom of the building, but all he did was replace the sheetrock on the roof and voila, four days later it was wet again.

“I asked them to move me, but all they told me was to log on to the website and apply to move in with the Housing Association.

“My frustration grows every day. Earlier this year, I asked the landlord to clean the mold off the wall, so he sent me a mold kit to do it myself. It’s not safe and I can’t even paint it.” because the wall is wet and black.

“I can’t renovate the bathroom because it’s wet so I can’t do anything, I can’t put anything on the walls because nothing will hold. It’s affecting everyday life because I can’t fully use my bathroom.”

“It’s bad when people come because it stinks, I’m embarrassed to bring anyone to my house.”

An Accent Housing spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the required repair work on this property has not yet been fully completed.

“However, this is something we are already working hard to resolve and it has our full attention.

“We will support and facilitate the necessary work, including corrective repairs for affected customers.”

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