Fence dramas are pretty common between neighbours in the UK.

And it seems that a new one is brewing between the residents of two properties after a furious householder took to TikTok to vent her anger about next door’s fence paint job.

The clips shared by @ItsMamNotMum account shows the back side of a fence bordering their property splattered with white paint that’s seeped through from the DIY effort.

“Next door painted their fence…But look at the state of ours! Would you say something!?”

But fellow TikTokers said that it’s important to establish the ownership of the fence before making the next move.

One said: “Looks like their fence, they paid for it and installed it, they can paint it anyway they want I’m afraid.”

“I’ll have to look and see who owns it then,” came the original poster’s reply.

And others said that causing drama wasn’t the answer – as having a harmonious relationship with your neighbours should take precedence.

One said: “I, personally, would just ask them what paint they used so that I could match it. Life too short for fighting about things like this.”

“I would just paint your side to match, best to just keep the peace,” said another.

The video has been viewed more than 90,000 times and there are over 500 comments.

In a later video the original poster said that she still didn’t know who owned the fence but that she needed to take action because the paint “looked like bird poo.”

Actual ownership of a fence is “one of the most common questions in neighbour disputes”, according to Matthew Cotton, a solicitor and specialist in dispute resolution at Hedges Law.

He said: “It’s very important to remember that there is a difference between ownership of the fence (i.e., who it belongs to), and the obligation to maintain it (i.e., who must repair or replace it).

“The answer will often be found within the title deeds to the properties involved.”

However, he advised, it is also worth bearing in mind that the fence may not be in the same position as the legal boundary – which is “another issue entirely”.

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