The Dalry-based builder noted that the project had provided 27 new jobs, “breaking the community benefit target of six new jobs and learning.”

Councilor Tony Gurney, member of the cabinet for finance and climate change at North Ayrshire Council, said: “It’s fantastic to see the community benefits in contracts being used in this way to create employment and on-the-job training opportunities in North Ayrshire, especially for young people starting their future careers.

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“Apprenticeships are a really important way to give people a route into a trade and earn a salary while they learn. It’s fantastic to see McTaggart’s, a local employer, embrace this and create so many opportunities for our young people in North Ayrshire and set them off in their future careers.”

He added: “As a community wealth building council, we look forward to continuing to work with companies who have contracts with North Ayrshire Council to provide community benefits for a wide range of initiatives including employment and training opportunities.”

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Elaine Ellis, construction skills sector manager at Skills Development Scotland, said: “It is vital that young people are aware of careers in the construction industry, which is a major contributor to Scotland.” economy. The sector is at the forefront of helping the country meet the goal of net zero emissions, so the workforce will develop the skills it needs now and in the future.

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“McTaggart is a great example of a business that has diversity and inclusion at the heart of its approach to developing a sustainable pool of talent, expanding access to opportunities for young people in disadvantaged communities to gain valuable life and work skills, particularly through apprenticeships.”

McTaggart CEO Janice Russell said: “By working together with our partners, such as North Ayrshire Council, we can not only build better homes, but also create life-changing opportunities for young people. I am delighted that we have been able to exceed expectations and positively impact so many people and the community.”

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