A cafe in Devon has decided to remove a monkey statue after an outraged customer complained. Fortes in Foxholes on Queen’s Drive, opposite Exmouth Lifeboat Station, had the figure standing at his service hatch.

The statue, supposedly used as a business card holder, was removed after a customer complained it was “offensive.” devon live reports.

The owners have confirmed that the figure is no longer on display and have assured the public that no offense was intended. Also, they said they don’t condone racism of any kind.

The news has reportedly been welcomed by the whistleblower. Speaking to DevonLive, the customer, who asked not to be named, said: “I was in Fortes recently and noticed they had a figure of a monkey depicted as a human asking for money.”

They added that they believed the Fortes cafe was using the statue, dressed in a hat and jacket, for tips.

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The customer added: “Given the huge problem in the pub in the UK showing golly dolls, and the fact that these types of cartoons are racist towards black people, I asked to speak to the manager about it, but they were not there.

“A staff member seemed indifferent to the figure saying it was just decoration. It is highly offensive. I am very glad that the owners have decided to remove the figure.

“It’s really important that we reflect on how welcoming and inclusive our environments are here in the Southwest for people of all backgrounds.”

Fortes Cafe is a popular spot on the seafront in Exmouth. Following the decision to tear down the statue, they decided to issue a statement.

Cafe owners Claire and Andy Heard: “We would never support the use of any item that may have racist connotations as we take it very seriously.

“The business card holder figure of a monkey was removed as soon as the gentleman mentioned that it might offend.

“We invite the sir to contact us directly so we can apologize further if you wish and we appreciate your feedback.”

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