The man who owns Britain’s “biggest man cave” has been barred from recording footage of his neighbours on CCTV and blocking local roads with his vintage vehicles.

Graham Wildin, a Cirencester millionaire, constructed his 10,000sqft luxury home in 2014 without planning permission.

The high-end pad, which Wildin refused to knock down following a court order, includes a bowling alley, casino and cinema.

The Gloucestershire resident spent time in prison after ignoring a court order to “decommission” his man cave.

Wildin has now been banned from blocking the local roads’ parking spots with his collection of extravagant cars.

His head-turning motors include a grey Bentley Turbo R and a burgundy Austin 1100.

A judge has handed the millionaire an “interim injunction” preventing him from winding up his neighbours by parking his cars on the street and recording them with CCTV.

Wildin said he would appeal the order which the judge said had the power of arrest attached to it.

The judge said: “There’s clear evidence of a pattern of behaviour, and I’ll grant that interim judgement today.”

The wealthy car enthusiast has been getting on the wicks of local people for a long time.

One elderly woman claimed she could no longer use her drive because of where Wildin had parked his cars.

According to The Sun, she said: “I can get in but I can’t get out. If he moved them it would be okay.

“I tried to speak to his son and asked him to ask if the cars could be moved.

“He said he would but from that day on he hasn’t even looked at me.

“Why should I have to move my car? It’s very upsetting because he’s taking it out on us.”

Another neighbour said: “Cars appear in our spaces when we’re out at work.

“Wildin has cameras looking out onto the street to spot when we move our cars out of our spaces.

“It’s very intimidating. No one likes living here when you come back after work and feel deflated pulling into the street.

“I don’t understand why he feels he needs to make his neighbours suffer.”

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