It has been just over one month since Hamas carried out attacks in Israel on October 7, atrocities which Piers Corbyn describes as a “false flag operation”.

Believing the Israeli government “wanted it to happen”, Mr Corbyn claims the operation was agreed “at the highest level”.

He stated: “I was suspicious from the start. This was a pretext to launch the genocide attack [on Gaza]. They let in the soldiers and knew they were going to kill people.”

Mr Corbyn, the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, also claimed: “It’s a bit like Pearl Harbor. The American government knew it was going to happen. Allowed the Japanese planes in, knew some of their sailors will be killed but they would get out of it the ability to join the war.”

The video was uploaded by Campaign Against Antisemitism, with the group calling the comments “grotesque” on social media platform, X.

Israeli officials recently revised the toll from the October 7 attack to “around 1,200” tragic deaths. Israeli authorities also say that the Palestinian group took more than 240 people captive during the attack, including Israeli soldiers, and civilians.

The response from Israel has been to cut off food, electricity and fuel for more than 2.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip alongside a bombing campaign.

According to Palestinian authorities, air raids have displaced Gaza’s inhabitants and now killed around 11,320 people, 4,650 of whom are children.

Overnight, the Israeli army looked for alleged Hamas “infrastructure” and captives at al-Shifa Hospital as operations were underway and tanks took up positions.

News outlet, Al Jazeera, reported patients in the hospital urgently needed medical care with staff members struggling to provide it for them, in the midst of the intense Israeli fire.

Piers Corbyn’s claims come shortly after his brother, Jeremy Corbyn, appeared on Talk TV’s ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ on November 13.

During a fiery clash and a stream of repetitive questioning from Piers Morgan, the former Labour leader refused to call Hamas a terror organisation.

On X Piers Morgan‘s brash techniques were met with a mixed response from social media users with some labelling the presenter as a “bully” for his attitude on Monday night.

User @marara_one said: “He didn’t refuse to answer; you just wouldn’t let him respond! Not every question has a simple yes or no answer.”

Whereas some called Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to answer “indefensible”, others questioned why Piers Morgan “did not condemn Israel” for its killings of Palestinian civilians.

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