The new search linked to cupcakeThe disappearance of originated from a tip provided by a “very credible” informant of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), it has been claimed. The respected Portuguese news outlet Expresso said the whistleblower provided detectives with “details” which they took “very seriously”. This came as the publication named Rainer Grimm as the man leading the investigation into Germanyit’s B.K.A.

The report said: “Rainer Grimm is among the researchers conducting searches at the Arade Dam in the Algarve.

“Expresso knows that these raids originate from a tip from a BKA informant whom the police consider highly credible.

“This informant told investigators details that the German police took very seriously.

It added: “The searches were requested by the German police after receiving this information.”

The news outlet said it had obtained its information from a “source close to the investigation”, who has not been identified.

The new investigation into Maddie’s disappearance is taking place at the Arade Dam, located a 40-minute drive from where the McCanns were vacationing in May 2007.

Christian B., a convicted sex offender currently in prison for raping an elderly American woman in 2005 and the sole suspect in the Madeleine case, is believed to have frequently visited the reservoir area. The man, who has not yet faced any formal charges for the disappearance of the young woman, became an official suspect in Portugal for the disappearance of Maddie in 2022.

German police, according to local reports, had obtained images and videos showing the German native, who denied any involvement in the British boy’s disappearance, at the reservoir.

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On Tuesday, police dogs were seen sniffing along the shore as divers crossed the waters in an inflatable boat. A team of German detectives were also seen raking the ground while others used metal rods to penetrate the soil, apparently targeting an area shaded by a clump of eucalyptus trees.

The reservoir has been blocked with a no-fly zone and roadblocks that prevent journalists and onlookers from getting a closer look at what is happening.

A Portuguese police source said the force was trying to find evidence linking Christian B. to Maddie’s disappearance, while German police were also focused on finding evidence of his involvement in the other cases authorities are dealing with. or prosecutors have linked it.

On Tuesday, German prosecutors confirmed in a statement that they are working with their Portuguese counterparts.

The statement issued by the German state prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig said: “As part of the investigation into the Madeleine McCann case, there are currently measures related to the criminal proceedings taking place in Portugal.

“The measures are being implemented… by the Portuguese police authorities with the support of officers of the [German] Federal Criminal Police Station.

“No further background information will be released at this time.”

This isn’t the first time the dam has been searched in connection with Maddie’s case. In early 2008, Portuguese lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia organized a privately funded operation after claiming he had been informed by underworld contacts that Madeleine had been murdered and her body dumped in the reservoir.

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