The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a year ago heralded the biggest transition in the modern monarchy’s history.

While the country has rallied around her successor, King Charles III, questions over the Royal Family’s place in various aspects of British life have grown louder – especially in light of the cost-of-living crisis and a number of high-profile scandals.

Australia announced its intention to drop the King’s profile from their new £5 notes, and polling shows Canadians would rather become a republic by a whopping 24-point margin.

Attention has now turned to the national anthem. Over the weekend, the boos of football fans in Hampden Park – Scotland’s national stadium – almost completely drowned out “God Save the King”.

The Three Lions squad were undeterred by the defiant act, but it is becoming ever more common.

Some considered it payback for English fans’ booing of the “Flower of Scotland” at a recent clash in Wembley, but the debate is far wider-ranging.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Nick Robinson yesterday asked on Twitter: “What sense does it make for England’s anthem to be “God Save the King” when that is an invitation for the Tartan Army to boo in order to demonstrate that they are loyal to Scotland?”

So what do YOU think? Should the national anthem be changed? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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