A woman has been left furious after her children saw people urinating, defecating and taking drugs in an alleyway near her home.

Beata Betty, 38, said the graffiti-covered road, Zion Gardens, in the pretty seaside town of Brighton is used “like a toilet” almost daily and she regularly sees people urinating and defecating.

She told Mirror Online: “It’s a complete nightmare, I think it’s the worst alleyway in Brighton. My children see this every day, it’s happening all the time. The alleyway is like a toilet.”

She has called on local authorities to clamp down on the behaviour after finding human feces and drug needles in the alleyway. 

Beata said that she regularly sees people taking drugs in Zion Gardens, a small road that runs next to Queen’s Road and added: “There’s drug addicts and crackheads there every day.”

She continued: “My children play in this area and they do it in front of them.” 

She said the alley was also “regularly used as a toilet” by members of the public and drunk people out in the city centre.”

Tired with the situation, she has called on the council and the police to take action over the behaviour in Zion Gardens and to rid the street of nuisance drug users and graffiti.

She said plans were already in place to clean the graffiti in the alley but that this was “not enough”, according to The Argus

Many other alleyways in Brighton have also faced issues with antisocial behaviour, including defecation and drug use. 

Brighton and Hove City Council and Sussex Police have been approached for comment.

The complaint comes after the Council began a public consultation to gauge how well antisocial behaviour in public spaces has been dealt with. 

This includes groups of people harassing others or people taking drugs in public areas.

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