A huge sit-in protest at Charing Cross station has sparked chaos during this afternoon’s pro-Palestine rally.

The British Transport Police are currently working to disperse the protesters after they swamped the busy train and underground station in Central London.

The BTP released a statement that the protesters are violating Section 7 Public Order Act 2023 after they “prevented the station from being used or operated for its intended purposes”.

The sit-in demonstration was an offshoot of today’s main rally at Trafalgar Square, which started at 2:30pm today.

Those taking part in the sit-in protest demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Train stations in Manchester and Nottingham were also occupied on Saturday.

This comes as the Met Police made their first arrests earlier today as scuffles broke out after thousands gathered in central London for another pro-Palestine rally in Trafalgar Square this afternoon.

At least three people were arrested in Piccadilly Circus and one police officer was assaulted as tensions threatened to boil over in cities around the UK. One person was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer while a second was detained for allegedly displaying a placard that could incite hated contrary to Section 12 of the Terrorism Act.

A third person was arrested for breaching conditions of Section 12 of the Public Order Act.

Pictures from Piccadilly Circus showed two women being arrested – with subsequent footage showing angry protesters surrounding a police van. In total, three people were detained, police have confirmed.

A message posted on X, previously Twitter, yesterday by the Palestine Justice Campaign (PSC) said: “Calling all Londoners! Join our protest for Palestine tomorrow in Trafalgar Square to demand a #CeasefireNOW

“Please join your local actions in your borough before coming to the city-wide rally!”


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