Police have warned dog owners that they risk prosecution if their pet attacks livestock. The warning came after 16 lambs died and four were injured in a field on a farm in Kelty, Scotland.

The incident occurred at Blairadam Farm between 10.30am and 1.30pm on Monday.

Officials believe the lambs were attacked by at least one dog and are appealing to any walkers or eyewitnesses who may have been in the area at the time to contact them.

Police have launched an investigation as they appealed to the public for more information.

Police Scotland said they are working to establish the “full circumstances of the incident” and asked anyone with information to come forward.

Inspector Stephen Gray said: “Investigations are underway to establish the full circumstances of the incident and we are calling on anyone with information to come forward.

“Calving season has begun and worry can cause ewes stress that can cause them to lose their lambs, as well as injuries that can lead to their death.

“All of this comes at a considerable cost to farmers.”

The force said dogs must be kept on a leash when walking near animals and must not be allowed to run or escape into fields on their own.

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Mr Gray added: “Dog owners could face prosecution if their dog attacks livestock, so we urge them to keep dogs on a leash when walking near livestock and ensure they do not run or escape into fields. on your own.

“I ask all dog owners to be considerate.

“Remember it’s your dog and your responsibility to keep them under control.”

Farmer Stuart McDougall, 43, described the “hellish” scene he encountered with his two young daughters left traumatised, he reported. Daily entry.

He said: “There were lambs that were still walking around gutted with their guts hanging out. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“They had broken legs, lacerations all over their bodies, their chest cavities had been crushed, and they had been torn from their mothers. Six were killed on the spot, but 10 had to be euthanized. We expect more to die in the coming days if they contract infections.

“The oldest ones were three days old, some were literally 24 hours old. It’s horrible.”

“The emotional devastation it has caused to the farm and to us is enormous. I couldn’t sleep a wink last night and my youngest son was up all night crying.”

“Every time I’ve gone to the lambs and mother with my sheepdog, they just break down because they’re so traumatized.”

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