The sacking of Braverman will anger some rightwingers given her role as a standard-bearer for that wing of the Conservative party. 

The Daily Mail, a rightwing popular newspaper, ran a front-page headline last week warning: “Come for Suella and you come for us all.”

Rory Stewart, a moderate former Tory cabinet minister, said Rishi Sunak had made a “good decision” by sacking Braverman, describing it as a “brave” move, adding: “Don’t underestimate the support for Braverman’s populist positions. The PM now has to win a tough fight with his own party. This is just the beginning.”

But Andrea Jenkyns, a backbench Tory MP, said she supported the sacked home secretary: “Sacked for speaking the truth. Bad call by Rishi, caving in to the left,” she said.

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