Bute Yard, described as a versatile food and to drink destination, will be launched with a market on Sunday 4th June by Jenni Minto, MSP from Argyll and Bute.

The site is located amongst a number of historic buildings in Rothesay, the main town on the Isle of Bute.

The building includes a distillery operated by the award-winning Isle of Bute Distillery, a tap room managed by Bute Brew Co, a pop-up cafe and flexible indoor/outdoor event space that will be open for business all year.

The historic Isle of Bute Smokehouse will also have a permanent base at Bute Yard.

Organizers said the new venue “will support and complement long-standing local events, corporate and private events, as well as other community initiatives.”

Bute Yard was conceived by the Marquess as a community project with the dual purpose of developing the Isle of Bute economy and its community through collaboration and by responding to the needs of the local food and beverage sector for its growth and expansion.

The Bute family, working closely with the Mount Stuart Trust and other stakeholders on the island, as well as the Isle of Bute community, “have not only realized Johnny’s vision, but have also created a legacy that they can experience and enjoy both visitors and locals. ”.

Full name John Crichton-Stuart, the 7th Marquess, was a former Formula 1 driver known as Johnny Bute and raced under the name Johnny Dumfries and won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1988. He died in 2021.

The market on the first Sunday of every month is free and there will be local food, small batch drinks, arts, crafts and live entertainment. music. The island is a 40-minute ferry ride from Wemyss Bay.

HeraldScotland: Bute Yard is opening just around the corner from the site of the original 16th century St Bruix's fair.Bute Yard is opening just around the corner from the site of the original 16th century St Bruix fair. (Image: Bute Yard)

Cathleen Crichton-Stuart, Director of Bute Yard and Isle of Bute Smokehouse, said: “The opening of Bute Yard is a major milestone for the Isle of Bute and the broader food and drink scene in rural Scotland.

“Over the past few years, Bute has experienced an exciting renaissance in food and drink, thanks to local producers like the Isle of Bute Distillery and groups like Bute Kitchen. Bute Yard will play an important role in providing a space that builds on our heritage and our future as a successful dining destination.

“The versatile space we have created at Bute Yard is truly inspiring and will form a unique and inspiring backdrop for a variety of memorable events and experiences.”

Rhona Madigan-Wheatley, co-founder of Isle of Bute Distillery, said: “We are delighted to be moving to Bute Yard. It has been a three year journey to get to this point ever since we first met with the late Johnny Bute to discuss and create such a new venue.

“Bute Yard is now the permanent home of the Isle of Bute Distillery and Bute Brew Co and we are excited to see the catalytic effect this location will have on other small businesses on the island.

“For us, Bute Yard has created the platform that allowed us to revive Bute Brew Co after it closed in 2018. It’s Bute Yard’s first success story and we’re excited for what the future holds for the venue.”

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