Cody Rhodes returned to WWE last year to rewrite the end of your story.

Instead of being known for leaving WWE in a state of aggravation, Rhodes completely redefined himself. He worked on the independent circuit, had a role in Bullet Club and later helped form All Elite Wrestling. now he is chasing the WWE championship, which will remain an important part of his story until it comes to fruition. But there’s another reason Rhodes returned to WWE, and a critical component of that will be on display this Sunday.

Rhodes served as a producer for Sunday’s Biography: WWE Legends about the late great Dusty Rhodes. His beloved father was a true wrestling icon, and now he can play a practical role with WWE in the way images of his father are shown.

“WWE and A&E remembering my father in this documentary has been a blessed experience,” says Rhodes. “Helping to catalogue, correct and bring light to Dusty’s life was a huge responsibility and one of the reasons I returned to WWE. Seeing the facts that support the legend make this a beautiful watch for old and new fans alike.”

Pictures and insights from current AEW star Dustin Rhodes, who is Dusty’s eldest son, at his Rhodes Wrestling Academy help make this episode even more memorable. And there will be many other familiar faces. In addition to creating a lasting highlight video of his own career, Rhodes also helped develop today’s current group of stars during his time as a coach in NXT. A small sample of those who benefited greatly from knowing him were Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Becky Lynch.

The special will premiere Sunday at 8 pm ET, and Rhodes is honored to share another part of his father’s legacy.

“The best part of producing this doc was not the countless replays of old promos and matches, but getting to see for the first time an interview that hadn’t been seen just a few weeks before he passed away,” says Rhodes. “That interview serves as the backbone for this documentary and, in his own words, Dusty answers the question: ‘What was most important to you?’ [Director] Rob Liano and his team did a wonderful job.”

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