A man laughed in the face of the mother of two girls who were snatched by Hamas terrorists as he tore down “kidnapped” posters in London.

Social media user Maayan Zin (@ZinMaayan1007) posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, of a man ripping down posters of kidnapped Israelis including her two daughters.

Kidnapped posters have appeared across the UK in response to Hamas militants taking 239 hostages from Israel into Gaza during the group’s shock attack on October 7.

The video showed a man smiling while recording himself removing the posters in London. The person recording can be heard asking him: “Why are you taking it down? Can you tell me? Is this what you learn in your university because you’re brainwashed?

“So you’re smiling? Okay, yeah smile. This is the face of the youth.”

She captioned the video from Elad Simchayoff (@Elad_Si): “No, no, no. This is so wrong. I can’t believe people are ripping off the posters of my kidnapped daughters and other hostages.

“Why would you do this? Why does it make you smile? Dafna is only 15, and Ella is 8.”

The video has 200,000 views and hundreds of comments from other users expressing sympathy for Maayan.

This comes a week after Met Police officers were spotted tearing down shopfront posters of Israeli hostages in a bid to reduce tensions in the area.

Another Israeli mother, Hadas Kalderon, condemned the officers for removing them as her 16-year-old daughter Sahar and 11-year-old son Erez were also taken by Hamas in the October 7 attacks.

But it is not the first time members of the public have been caught ripping down such posters, with two women in north London pulling them off a building while shouting: “This is Palestine.”

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