A furious father has condemned bullies who released a savage on her non-binary son in a park in after school, with the entire shocking incident filmed and circulated online. The unidentified 12-year-old victim, who uses pronouns, allegedly received a series of insults during the attack, as those involved were also heard yelling “go on” as they pounced on the student.

The footage was filmed in Chorlton Park, near Mauldeth Road, with investigations ongoing.

The victim says the incident started when a group of students from another high school told them and a friend to get off the swings in the park.

They also claimed that one person “kicked” them in the back of the right knee, causing them to fall, while another began “pushing and shoving” them. The violence apparently escalated when the attackers “discovered they were non-binary.”

The short clip shows the girl on the ground with another young man throwing punches, though another girl appears to be trying to stop the attack.

Voices can be heard shouting encouragement.

The boy’s father told the Manchester evening news: “I am absolutely distraught and disgusted with what I have seen.

“What makes it worse is that my son is on the ground without moving while being kicked.

“The videos have been going around and my son’s phone is ringing off the hook with people saying they can’t believe it happened but now they’re afraid to go back to school because of it.

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“You can see a girl grab them, swing them on the ground and hit them over the head.

“They were the little ones there and it was a crowd against one.”

The victim, who was eventually helped by bystanders and taken to a nearby school, was later evaluated at hospital and suffered bruises to her head and neck, her father claims.

“I’m concerned for their safety. We have 12 and 13 year olds behaving like this now and thinking they can get away with it.”

“There was another student who told them they were non-binary and that’s when it got worse, the violence escalated.

“It’s just disgusting and I’ve only seen a seven second clip.

“I saw it and I was horrified, they are like animals.”

A spokesman said: “Greater Manchester Police are aware of videos circulating of an incident in Mauldeth Road, Burnage.

“Investigations are ongoing at this stage.”

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