Gopher tunnel systems are some of the most vexing problems a farmer or gardener can encounter. Invasive species can dig acres of holes and leave your plants in pieces as they bury themselves.

Dealing with pests in a humane, poison-free way can lead to expensive bills for green fingers, but a thrifty way Tik Tok creator has made these bills a thing of the past.

A popular content creator known as @hopfarm shared a cheap trick to get rid of moles overnight using zero “pesticides and poisons” but chewing gum instead.

Placing a piece of gum inside animal tunnel systems has never failed the prudent farmer that moles will eat.

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In a now viral Tik Tok, the agricultural genius said: “What I am going to do is find this tunnel. I’m going to remove the dirt a bit until I find the hole, I’m going to take the gum, put it in its tunnel and cover it up again.

“Now, when you return to clear this tunnel again, you will come across this juicy fruit. They are going to eat it, they cannot digest the gum”.

“Not now [know] 100 percent if the gum kills the mole or the vole, but I know at least it deters them because every time I do this they go away and don’t come back.”

While swearing by the method, Metro Mole Control says that “chewing gum or other edibles will not kill moles or reduce their reproductive rates.”

Despite that claim, viewers have opted for the pest control technique.

“YO […] they hate chewing gum for personal use. This though? I will gladly buy gum for the first time in decades just to try. I’m so tired of all of them,” said one viewer.

Another noted, “I’m going to try this tomorrow! Thank you! We’ve had a hard time getting rid of these in my garden. I’ve lost so many plants to them.”

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