Twitter laid off as many as 200 employees over the weekend, including a key figure who helped set up the site’s new system for charging for verification, according to reports.

Dozens of employees at the social media giant wrote that they found themselves banned from email and internal company message boards. Ultimately, the cuts affected people on several important teams, including product managers and engineers who help keep Twitter online.

The information was the first to report the cuts

The layoffs amounted to about 10% of Twitter’s remaining 2,000 employees, The New York Times reported. The company had about 7,500 workers when Elon Musk acquired the platform in October.

Esther Crawford, Twitter’s chief payments executive, was among those who lost her job, The Verge reported. The monetization team, the Times added, has also been reduced from about 30 employees to fewer than eight.

Martijn de Kuijper, a senior product manager who founded the Revue tool, which Twitter acquired in 2021, said he woke up to find he couldn’t access his email without warning.

“Looks like they let me go,” de Kuijper wrote on Twitter. “Now my Revue journey is truly over.”

Twitter has been in a turmoil since the Musk acquisition, and various launches and capabilities of the site have faltered in recent months. In early February, many users were unable to tweet or message other people for hours on a world fault.

Musk has been on a crusade to boost Twitter’s revenue after buying the site for $44 billion. That included a mass layoff in November and dramatic plans to charge for check marks.

Musk promised after that round of cuts that the layoffs were over.

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